Yosemite National Park is on fire

At the moment the investigators are trying to establish whether another fire that broke out in the area around the famous Half Dome rocks in Yosemite, which was smoldering for a month elsewhere in the park became the cause for the current tragedy. (Photo: MICHAEL FRYE / AP / michaelfrye.com).

Fire experts believe that the fire in this part of the park could be caused by strong gusts of wind that carried the burning or flaming parts from the site of another fire. (Photo: MICHAEL FRYE / AP).

"If this is really so, then this will be an example of the passive firefighting policy of the park's leadership," San Francisco Gate, one of the most influential newspapers on the west coast of the United States puts forward such a conclusion. (Photo: HANDOUT / REUTERS).

This is the third great fire that takes place in Yosemite this year. The last fire was first seen around July 20 and at first looked very innocuous. However, the park authorities did not manage to localize the fire until August 14. Until last Sunday, the fire was considered small one, burned only 7 acres of park. But on Sunday everything changed, the fire became uncontrollable and was spreading out very quickly. (Photo: HANDOUT / REUTERS).

Since September 8, the fire has covered an area of more than a thousand hectares of land and puts a threat to tourist camps. (Photo: RACHEL KIRK / AP).

All the tourist routes from Nevada Falls to the Merced lake were closed. The seven helicopters, airplanes and hundreds of firemen were brought to fight the fire. (Photo: RACHEL KIRK / AP).

Why did the park authorities not take any measures for so long? It turns out that this policy is justified by the fact that if the fire does not harm people or buildings, it should go out by itself, as it is necessary for fertilizing soils, creating a new habitat and improving the ecosystem of local mountains. (Photo: RACHEL KIRK / AP).

Fire is necessary for growing huge redwoods in Yosemite, so that the seeds are released from the cones. (Photo: REUTERS / Jeffrey Trust / National Park Service / Handout).

Scott Gediman, the park spokesman, acknowledged that "in the case of any fire, there are many factors that can not be fully controlled." (Photo: RACHEL KIRK / AP).

Gus Smith, an environmentalist and fire specialist in the Yosemite Park, also believes that the likelihood of such a strong caused by another fire is equals to zero. According to what he is saying, this is indeed a very rare case. (Photo: RACHEL KIRK / AP).

Now the fire threatens more than 700 house buildings in Yosemite Park. Rescue services were forced to evacuate 85 tourists. (Photo: RACHEL KIRK / AP).

Three years of drought dried the vegetation out in California. The number of fires in this region is constantly growing: this year the firefighters were called 4600 times, which is 1000 more than last year. (Photo: HANDOUT / REUTERS).