Train Cemetery in Bolivia

Chris Staring is an Australian photographer from Melbourne.

Chris was traveling through Bolivia and came across an unusual place.

The photographer found an abandoned cemetery of old trains.

The cemetery is placed just a couple of kilometers from the city of Uyuni in the Southern Bolivia.

More than 100 railroad cars and locomotives are gathered in just one place.

The photographer stumbled upon this place in the so-called "golden hour", when the sun has not yet sat down and everything is colored by the colors of the sunset.

A large number of trains has got a logical explanation.

Long time ago in the 19th century, these territories, now known as the world's largest solonchaks, played an active role in the industrialization of South America.

These trains remind us of the times when Uyuni was home to hundreds of trains at the times of development of railway traffic.

These times are already passed by.

Today only these trains still remain on the location.

Some trains were built in the beginning of the 19th century.

The decaying trains that have not traveled for a long time, do not make hooters, but only stand sadly in the middle of the desert and are gradually destroyed and cause creeps on the skin when you stand watching the wagons.

No matter what you think about all this, but these photos show how helpless we can be before time and technological progress.

Sometime in the past these trains were up and running.