The world is crazy about beard fashion nowadays

The beard and whiskers of a bizarre form do not surprise anyone today

Such a beard requires special care. By the way, in the USA a beard and mustache contest has been held for several years already

It seems this beard defies gravity

Musketeer style beard and mustache. Long and thin mustache and a small wedge-shaped beard

Having passed the fashion on beards, people turned to having mustache. Especially popular twisted upward gentleman's mustache. You should have a good man's haircut to look really stylish

Twisted thin mustache in combination with a beard. That’s a real fashion trend

Each beard requires special care

A long beard needs to be combed constantly. Various shampoos and liquids are to be used

If there is no hair on the head, why should not have it on the face?

Such a beard may be from a professor or from Colonel Sanders, the one who created KFC

Many modern bearded men take inspiration from the past

One of the bright representatives of the "bearded men" was Karl Marx

Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali, inseparable from his thin antennae. He twisted them upwards

Gregory Rasputin wore a large beard and long hair

The Indian guru named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi also wore a long beard

The beard became a symbol of his pacifist views for the British musician John Lennon. John Lennon began to grow beard in 1969

Many modern celebrities also wear beards. For instance, George Clooney

Gregory Peck, the American sex symbol of 50-60s was tempted to grow a beard

ZZ-top became the undoubted bearded kings of rock

A large beard was often a sign of the intellectuality in Victorian England. An example of this was Charles Darwin