The world’s most expensive items

Antarctic Nail Ale beer. (Photo:
This is the most expensive beer in the world, the bottle of which costs as much as 1815 dollars! tThe water of Antarctic glaciers is used for its production, which means the cleanest and oldest water in the world. These two facts determine such a high price.
The taste of the drink is based on the traditional recipe of the repeatedly awarded beer Nail Ale, the flagship product of the brewery Australia's Nail Brewing Company. In total, only 30 numbered and certified bottles of Antarctic Nail Ale were produced. All income from their sale was sent to the Sea Shepherd fund, which is engaged to protect whales.
Price: $ 1,815

Italian white truffle. (Photo: FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP)
Truffles are the most expensive mushrooms in the world. The most valuable of these is the Italian white truffle.
The sample presented in the photograph weighs 1.51 kilograms. It was sold for 160 thousand dollars to a man from Hong Kong.
Cost: $160,000

Gout de Diamants Champagne. (Photo: Wikimedia)
This is how the most expensive champagne in the world looks like. It should be noted that it is not the contents of the bottle, but its design that is the most valuable. Gout de Diamants has replaced its standard, crystal logo with a white gold emblem. In addition, it received a 19-carat diamond. The total price reaches 1.2 million dollars.
There is also a "budget option", a standard bottle of Gout de Diamants costs 250 thousand dollars.
Cost: $ 1.2 million

The Bonsai tree. (Photo:
Bonsai trees have different age, size, origin and, as you can see, also the price. The most expensive sample of this Japanese tree was sold at the 11th Asian Bonsai and Suyseki Exhibition. Suyseki is the Japanese art of artistic exposition of river stones and rock fragments, which resemble people, animals, insects and objects in their appearance.
On the second day of the exhibition, a 300-year-old tree of fairly large size found its buyer.
Cost: $ 1.3 million

Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne. (Photo: Wikimedia)
Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne is the most expensive cognac in the world. As in the case with champagne, its value is primarily affected by the cost of the bottle. Produced since 1776, a drink, before bottling should be in the barrel for at least 100 years.
The bottle itself is a real work of art. It consists of 24-carat gold and the highest-grade platinum. An additional decoration is 6 thousand certified diamonds.
Cost: 2 million dollars

The most expensive dog breed. (Photo: mastino0100)
Of course, a dog is not a thing or an object, but in this rating it cannot by be included. The breed of Tibetan mastiffs can feel pride to be the best ones among its kind. Officially, this is the most expensive breed of dogs in the world. The record for the most expensive dog was beaten in the province of Zhejiang, when an anonymous dog lover bought a Tibetan mastiff puppy for $ 2 million.
Cost: 2 million dollars

A. Lange & Sohne Grand Complication. (Photo:
This is the most expensive watch that has ever been put up for sale. Throughout six years only 6 copies will be made, $ 2.5 million each. Annually one watch appears on the market.
The watch is made of gold and silver of the highest quality. The strap is made of crocodile leather.
Cost: $ 2.5 million

Rhein II. (Photo: Wikimedia)
Christie's auction house number a great variety of many interesting records, but none of them caused as much controversy as the auction of photography by Rhein II - a 1999 photograph of the German photographer named Andreas Gursky. This work was purchased by an anonymous collector for 4.3 million dollars. This is an absolute record.
Probably, we will never find out why someone paid such a large amount for such a monotonous shot. The author himself considers this to be his most successful work, which, in his words, allegorically describes the meaning of life.
Cost: $ 4.3 million

Lamborghini Veneno. (Photo:
Veneno is a super-car created by Lamborghini; it was presented during the Geneva exhibition in 2013.
Only three copies were manufactured; each unit was sold for 4.6 million dollars.
Cost: 4.6 million dollars

Napoleon’s saber. (Photo:
A saber inlaid with white gold was used for the last time in the Battle of Moreno over 200 years ago. The French auction house Osenat, assured that the arms were donated to the wedding of Napoleon's brother right after the battle, and then passed from generation to generation.
Saber was sold for 6.4 million dollars to an anonymous collector.
Cost: $ 6.4 million

The Leicester Code. (Photo: Wikimedia)
Codex Leicester is a collection of Leonardo da Vinci's records dated back to 16th century. It is one of the nine codes created by the great scientist, which contains his illustrations and sketches related to art and science.
In 1994, the manuscript was sold at an auction to Bill Gates for $ 30.8 million, thus becoming the most expensive book in history.
Cost: $ 30.8 million

Stradivarius 1719 MacDonald. (Photo: TYRONE SIU / REUTERS.jpg)
The most expensive violin in the world? Of course, but it can only be an instrument made by the great master Stradivarius. The record price of $ 45 million is determined by the auction house Sotheby's for violin 1719 MacDonald.
Cost: $ 45 million

Airbus 318 Elite Private Jet. (Photo: brerwolfe)
Only few people in the world can buy a personal airplane. Even among the rich, only a fifth person can afford such a luxury. Nothing surprising, because the most modern, drowning in luxury and, in combination, the most expensive airplane in the world costs about $ 60 million.
Airbus A318 Elite can accommodate 18 passengers and is equipped with a separate office, dining room, bedroom and shower room. The A318 also offers a spacious luggage compartment.
Cost: $ 60 million

Tianhe-2. (Photo:
Tianhe-2 is a Chinese supercomputer created involving 1300 scientists and programmers. "Milky Way 2" this is how its name is translated, is intended for simulation and analysis in government defense systems.
The supercomputer runs under the operating system Kylin, specially created by the Chinese army.
Cost: $ 400 million

Antilia. (Photo by Jay Hariani)
Antilia is a building belonging to one of India's richest person, Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance Industries Limited. The company is engaged in telecommunications, the development of fossil fuels and trade. It is believed that Antilia is the most expensive house in history, for which it would have to pay 2 billion dollars.
The residence has 27 floors and 4400 square meters of living space. Its name comes from the mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean, which brought happiness and wealth in the 15th century. Antilia also has got six underground garage floors, three helipads, a private hospital and requires about 600 workers to serve all this.
Cost: 2 billion dollars

The International Space Station. (Photo: Wikimedia)
This, without a doubt, is the most expensive thing ever created by man. The International Space Station is also the largest enterprise in the history of space exploration. Its first module, "Dawn", manufactured in Russia for US funds, was launched into orbit in 1998. Today there are 15 such modules (there should be 16 in all); they are produced in Russia, the USA and Europe. The ISS flies over our heads at an altitude of about 350 kilometers.
Cost: $ 150 billion