The dishes one should certainly try in these European countries

Stroopwafel, the Netherlands. These sweet "syrup wafers", invented in the early 19th century by a modest baker in the city of Gouda, are more like cookies and are ideal to server with a hot drink.

Pies, Russia. The heart of Russia is not only the caviar and vodka, as many of you believe. The main dish of Russian cuisine is a pie with sweets, meat or fish filling.

Spaghetti Carbonara, the Vatican. We do not know for sure if the Pope is a fan of the Carbonara just order this dish for yourself if you ever visit this country.

Vienna Schnitzel, Austria. Traditional breaded, fried veal cutlet served with a slice of lemon, cowberry sauce and potato salad.

Trinxat, Andorra. Puree made of potatoes and cabbage decorated with bacon.

Patato flapjacks, Belarus. Potato fritters are very popular in Eastern Europe.

Shkembe Chorba, Bulgaria. This soup gained unprecedented popularity in the 80s. Pork, lamb, turkey or beef were boiled for hours, after which it was served in a broth flavored with paprika.

Zagorski Štrukli, Croatia. Each region of Croatia has its own kitchen, but these delicate cakes filled with curd cheese and eggs, baked or boiled, can now be found almost everywhere.

Trdelník, the Czech Republic. You will probably find this delicious pastry in open markets and in Prague to Brno shops.

Smørrebrød, Denmark. You will need a lot of time to try all possible varieties of this Danish dish.

Thin pancakes, France. Can be filled with anything: Nutella, ham, mushrooms or even fruits.