Meet the "Queen of Darkness”: the model with the darkest skin

24-year-old Nyakim Gatvech excites the fashion industry with her luxurious dark skin.

But her unique beauty has a negative effect before the South Sudanese model achieved success.

The Uber taxi driver offered to whiten her skin 2016.

The girl just laughed in response and since then she started admiring her skin even more.

Now she is living in Minneapolis; Nyakim is an active volunteer for the rights of black people.

"You are beautiful, and you must love yourself as you are," the girl writes.

"Let's show the world how beautiful and smart we are."

Today the girl has got more than 100 subscribers in Instagram.

Despite her success, she still receives racist remarks.

She was nicknamed "Queen of Darkness" in the social network and she liked this nickname very much.

"My skin absorbs the sun's rays, and my hair defies gravity. Now you can’t but tell me I'm magic!".