Heart-taking beauty of Iranian mosques

Mausoleum of Fatima Masuma in Kum, Iran. Many modern interior designs came to us from the East, for example, stretch ceilings carved in many ways repeat the vaults of mosques. Of course, not of the scale like these.

Sheikh Lothfall's Mosque in Isfahan, Iran. This mosque is 400 years old. The historical architecture of the Middle East has always been famous for its beauty and uniqueness.

Mausoleum of Fatima Masuma in Kum, Iran. If you have not had a chance to see it, the Instagram photographer nicknamed m1rasoulifard will be your virtual guide to the fascinating world of mosques and palaces of Iran.

Jami Mosque in Isfahan, Iran. This mosque is 900 years old. The photographer shows the most outstanding and unique details of Iranian architecture in his stunning photographs.

Chahar-Baga School in Isfahan, Iran. The photographer shows the oldest mosques in Iran, which still exist till now.

Sheikh Lotfolla’s mosque in Isfahan, which resemble a colorful kaleidoscope.

Shah Abbas Safavi Palace, Iran. The palace is 400 years old. It should be noted that most of the historical mosques and palaces are monuments of architecture and many of them don’t allow to shoot inside.

Shah Cherag mosque in Shiraz, Iran. These photos should be evaluated as a real contribution and an opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the East.

Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz, Fars, Iran.

Sheikh Lothfalla Mosque in Isfahan, Iran.