Great Migration of Animals in Kenya

During the journey the animals overcome more than 800 kilometers. The most difficult part of it is to overcome the Mara River. (Photo: AFP PHOTO / Carl de Souza).

A huge herd crosses the Mara River in Kenya.

A string of animals crosses the river.

The river is successfully passed: a lot of food is waiting for the animals on a dry land.

Tourists watch the hippos from the Mara Peninsula in Kenya.

Tourists closely watch the animals crossing the river.

The migration is headed by zebras, followed by antelopes of wildebeest and gazelles. The animals are watched by predators ready to attack at any moment. Therefore, many animals will not survive this journey. (Photo: AFP PHOTO / Carl de Souza).

Wildebeest and zebra antelopes begin crossing the Mara River in Kenya.

Crocodile attacks the zebra while they cross the Mara River.

Deadly attack of the crocodile.

Crossing the Mara River.

A herd of wildebeest geese is preparing to cross the river.

The water just bubbles because of the huge number of antelopes.

Wildebeest goose come out of the river.