Best Instagram photographs 2016

Death of the David’s Bowie pop icon, @gavinmcowan

The Columbia River Gorge @landforce.

Vacation in Sydney from @dawa_lhamo.

South Africa. Photo taken by @tarrynbez.

The harsh beauty of the airport in Ethiopia. @amrez.

Photograph in the cabin of a classic car; the shot was taken in Cuba, Havana. @iftheworldtoldastory.

Dog-sled race in Alaska. @marclesterphoto.

Vineyards in Burgundy. @hungrycyclist.

Cherry blooming in Japan. @ Phantastic420.

Myanmar, lunch time. @kishanth.

Colors of the Tuscan summer from @justilago.

The longest suspension bridge in Germany. @lennartpagel.

Hay-making in Transylvania. @wanderlustav

Italian Riviera. @rajveerjohal.

The Alps. @jannikobenhoff.

The Olympics startup in Rio de Janeiro. @kobrastreetart.

Vladivostok-Moscow train. @annielingphoto.

Outdoor swimming pool. @ Mathew_elliston

The Netherlands. Ice skating on the frozen canal. @toalaolivares.

Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico. @kevinrushby_travel_adventure.

Lapland. @annamariafjellstrom.