Adidas produces sneakers made of fishing nets that were confiscated from poachers

Parley is a partner of Adidas that cooperate with each other in the strategy of Parley AIR, which turns ocean plastic waste into a thread that is woven into sneakers. Each sneaker was produced with an average of 11 plastic bottles that passed the processing stage. Plastic is used to create shoe laces, heel lining and a sock.

The new Adidas x Parley collection is another step in the company's ambition to create millions of pairs of sneakers from marine waste.

Adidas has previously produced sneakers from kaan plastic waste, but it was a limited edition to prove the seriousness of the company's intentions. New Boost sneakers are a step forward in this direction.

Adidas reaffirmed its commitment to "green" materials in its recently published sustainable development report, stressing that it intends to keep following this path.

The company also stated that it is refusing plastic bags in its stores and switching to paper bags. Besides, the company printed a prototype of sneakers using 3D printer in order to demonstrate how modern technologies can stop the pollution of the ocean.

There are only 7000 eco-friendly sneakers being sold on market so far, but as we could already see, the company does not talk to the winds and has got huge plans to be accomplished. The cost of ecological sneakers starts from 220 dollars. Perhaps the price will be reduced after more sneakers are released onto world market.