A week spent in a small house

When the Spanish photographer Govin Lapetule heard of a "small house" concept, he was got really interested about it

This wooden house, built on a trailer can be moved to any place

The recent economic crisis, as well as concern for the environment, promoted the popularization of these alternative types of housing, which are the most accessible, mobile, eco-friendly and autonomous

Built in 3 months, this 13 square meter house is called "Les Abers"

It was designed to optimize space and manage resources just like a boat

The house is fully equipped for a comfortable stay of two people

In fact, the house can accommodate up to 5 people at night. The place will be enough to sleep and eat

The main resources are the sun and rainwater

All electrical equipment, such as lighting, a water pump and a refrigerator, are powered by solar panels

Although, the complete autonomy has not be achieved yet (the stove and hot water are supplied by a gas cylinder), this tiny house is quite autonomous and environmentally friendly

The house is also equipped with sensors that control the production and consumption of electricity and water, controlled from a computer and a Smartphone. You can also humidity and temperature sensors there. The tiny "Les Abers" is filled with natural light all day long