A pregnant woman from Congo walks 27 km to the nearest clinic

In a modern city, there is no problem getting any place. Yes, we sometimes get into traffic jams, but, for example, in the case of the same pregnancy, we can register in the nearest to home consultation clinic. And when the child is born? You can easily buy candles Cefekon for children, nappies, mixtures in the nearest pharmacy, which is two steps from our house. The nearest clinic in which Chanceline is forced to walk is 27 km from her house and for a pregnant woman to do this way, it takes 5 hours. But visits to the clinic are necessary to monitor the development of the fetus. This photo shooting was done to draw public attention to the problem of the lack of affordable medicine in poor countries. In the photos we can draw and follow the route of this woman.

Chanceline starts her five-hour journey to the clinic in the morning. A woman does not have a car and she has to walk on foot.

After an arduous and exhausting journey, she finally gets to the clinic.

A gynecologist checks the condition of a woman to make sure that everything is in order with her and with the child.

The doctor also conducts a standard consultation, gives recommendations.

Despite the difficulties Chanceline is not discouraged. She smiles happily knowing that her baby is developing normally. After all, motherly love for your child is stronger than any difficulties and distances.

That’s not a short patch and the woman is forced to take short breaks to rest and continue her long journey.

A little food and of course water. Without water, you cannot make it with such a heat. You can easily get dehydrated.

Because of Chanceline's pregnancy it is difficult to overcome such distances and forced breaks can be delayed.

Rain or unbearable heat that does not really matter. She has to keep going.

Cars often pass on the road.

A break in a heavy rain under sitting with an umbrella near a tree. And again on a journey.

When her hands are tired of carrying a bag, she puts it on her head to give rest to her hands.

Sometimes the road turns into a mash of puddles and mud because of the rains. You need to go carefully, because you can easily slip down.