8 impressive routes that you need to walk through at least once in your life

A ladder to the sky, Hawaii.
The Haiku Ladder, also known as the Ladder to Paradise, is a dangerous path with 3,922 steps that pass through the mountains of the Oahu Island in Hawaii.

Pilgrimage to the Shikoku Island, Japan.
the charm of old Japan has been perfectly preserved to this day at the Shikoku Island. That is why thousands of tourists aspire to get there besides Buddhist pilgrims.

Inca trail, Peru.
This ancient path was created by the Inca civilization. Today it is a popular tourist route.

Sarek National Park, Sweden.
Sarek is located in Lapland; it is an ideal place for exploring northern European nature.

Lycian trail, Turkey.
The sea and the sun are far from everything that this resort can offer you. Lycian trail is a true miracle of Turkey with its desert bays and ancient rocky tombs, which are more than 3000 years old.

Bay of Fires, Australia.
Bay of Fires is called because of the orange colors of rocks and rocks lying along the shore.

Overland Track, Australia.
This famous Australian route passes through the most beautiful places in Tasmania, where you are waited by high mountains, crystal clear lakes, waterfalls and bright heather fields.

El camino de Santiago, Spain.
Pilgrims traveled this route in the Middle Ages to pray at the tomb of the Apostle St. James. Now the route has regained popularity not only among religious pilgrims, but also among those who are thirsty for self-knowledge.