8 billionaires who were ex-poor

Howard Schultz from Starbucks spent his childhood in a housing complex for the poor.
Schultz managed to get a football scholarship at the University of Michigan, after which he could get a job in Xerox. But Schultz got his way to wealth by becoming CEO of Starbucks

Oprah Winfrey was brought up in poverty, but eventually became a popular African-American television journalist.
Despite poverty, she entered the university and received a scholarship from the University of Tennessee, and also became a journalist

The president of the rugby club in Montpellier Moed Altrad ate only once a day when he moved to France from Syria.
Moed was born in one of the Syrian tribes. He lost his mother and was raised by his grandmother, who was against his studies. However, despite the ban, Moed finished school and left for France, where he entered the university. He ate only once a day, but did not quit his studies and eventually became the owner of Altrad Group

Russian business tycoon Roman Abramovich was born in a poor family and orphaned at the age of four.
Having lost his parents, Roman was raised by his uncle. Becoming a student of the Moscow Institute of Automobile Transport in 1987, he created a firm that produced toys made of plastic. It was the company that helped him to put together the first capital and switch to the oil business. Abramovich is not the only Russian billionaire who succeeded on his own. For instance, the ruble billionaire Andrei Berezin earned his living by using his own brain by not participating in the privatization period in the 1990s

Ken Langone's parents worked as a plumber and cafeteria worker.
He did various jobs to pay for his studies at Bucknell University. Parents even put their house up to educate the son

Businessman, Shahid Khan, worked as a dishwasher for a miserable salary.
And now he is the richest man in the world thanks to finishing his education up to the end

Steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal led a poor life in India.
The general director and chairman of ArcelorMittal was born in 1950 in a poor family in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Today, Mittal manages the world's largest steel company and is a multi-millionaire

Trading tycoon Francois Pinot suffered bullying being poor.
Pinot is now represents a fashionable PPR conglomerate; previously he had to quit school because he was teased of being poor