19 rare photos which show sumos’ life and training

Sumo is a 1500-year-old Japanese martial art, however, the Mongols dominate in this sport. In the photo you can see the Mongolian wrestler Tomozun Oyakata.

Fighters are called rikishi.

The one who pushes his opponent out of the circle or makes him fall out wins.

Wrestlers consume 8000 calories a day.

Lunch is prepared by younger wrestlers.

This dish is called Tianconbe, which is made of stew with vegetables and peas that they are obliged to eat it.

The sumoists got a belt base in a Buddhist temple for Sumo tournament in Nagoya.

Foreign sumo wrestlers had a complicated relationship with Japan. They must be fully assimilated in Japanese culture. To become an "oyakata" - or rikishi of a certain high level wrestlers even have to officially give up their nationality. For example, Tomozuna Oyakata has a Japanese wife, and he refused his Mongolian nationality to become a Japanese.

Brazilian wrestler Kaisi and Mongolian wrestler Kyokushuho.

Many wrestlers have fans in Japan.

Some of them bring food.

The circle where training is held is strewn with sand.

Wrestlers should take a nap for several hours immediately after a meal to maintain their strength.

Masks as a kind of prevention of sleep apnea.

Training runs in an intensive way, so wrestlers need to take breaks.

Sumo is an ancient sport, but sumos are not monks. They use gadgets and use social network accounts.

And also follow the style.

Wrestlers are often invited to honorable lunches.

Kids just adore these sumo wrestlers.