10 amazing strawberry qualities which you had no idea of

Strawberry makes your teeth whiter.
The next time you decide to visit a dentist to whiten your teeth, do it the other way. Save your time and just enjoy the strawberries. Due to the strong concentration of vitamin C in its composition, it is able to destroy the dental plaque that turns your teeth into yellow. By using a mixture of strawberry berries on a regular and constant basis, you will quickly notice a significant improvement in the color of your teeth. (Photo: topfoodfacts.com).

Strawberry reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases are number one that can kill you, so you should better not ignore eating it. Including strawberries into your daily diet can significantly reduce the risk of such diseases. The ellagic acid in it helps to control the level of cholesterol in the body. In addition, vitamin C helps in strengthening your blood vessels and arteries. Strawberries abounds in vitamin C. (Photo: gettyimages).

Strawberry slows down your aging.
We become old because our cells grow old. Strawberry will help us slow down this process. Because of the strong antioxidants in strawberries they effectively counteract free radicals - the main "culprits" of aging. The conducted researches showed that it is enough to eat a few strawberries daily after half an hour after lunch for these berries to take effect. (Photo: rich_arturo).

The strawberries are really effective against acne.
If you are tired of skin problems like acne then it's enough to spend an hour preparing and applying a mask from strawberry fruits and you will be shocked with the results. While the strawberry mask will be on the face, the antioxidants entering into its structure will effectively cope with skin problems. (Photo: gettyimages).

Strawberries clarify freckles.
If you feel tired of the freckles on your face, please do not waste money on expensive creams - use the strawberry fruits. A strawberry shake, applied on freckles can brighten them up nicely. The greatest effect is achieved in combination with other products like lemon juice, sour cream and papaya fruits. (Photo: mrwallpaper.com).

Eat strawberries and fight against such deseases as asthma and allergy.
If you are tired of fighting asthma or allergies by taking medicine, it is time to try something different. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect of strawberries they can help fight all kinds of allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, urticaria and watery eyes. Various studies show that you can really reduce the incidence of asthma by changing your diet. (Photo: mrwallpaper.com).

Strawberries will help your body producing happiness hormones.
Scientific research has proved that depression depends on a person's mental state, but this does not mean that we can not fight it by consuming natural ingredients. So next time you start to feel signs of depression, try to eat strawberries as they prevent the formation of homocysteine in unhealthy amounts, which allows blood to deliver nutrients to the brain without any difficulties. (Photo: mrwallpaper.com).

Strawberries are also a delicious dessert with an anti-oncological effect.
The antioxidants which are part of strawberries will also help you to prevent cancer. The next time you decide to make a home-made dessert, do not forget to add a few of these magic berries into it. (Photo: fotolia.com).

Strawberry takes care of your eyesight and helps to get rid of bags under the eyes.
The miraculous properties of strawberries can be used for aesthetic purposes. If you have problems with dark "bags" under the eyes, you should know that the strawberries can help you to get rid of them. Its anti-inflammatory effect and whitening properties are an ideal combination for fighting with circles under the eyes. In addition, vitamin C contained in berries helps in the prevention of eye diseases, for example, cataracts. (Photo: mrwallpaper.com)

While waiting for a child, do not limit yourself in eating strawberries.
If you are a future mother, then the consumption of a balanced amount of strawberries will be very useful during the pregnancy period. These miracle berries contain enough vitamins and minerals necessary for the growth of the child. (Photo: yumsugar.com).