Tumblr Wallpapers

This wallpaper depicts us a cartoon character named “Stitch”. He is displayed laying upside down on a colorful background. The background is colored in the colors of the rainbow.

Where are you? This wallpaper depicts us a pine forest covered in foggy dim. An excellent place to take a good rest from a daily routine.

How about going to the sea? This wallpaper invites us by its beauty. The anchor displayed in the foreground could be a symbol of safety.

What an amazing difference in color combinations. The bottom of the wallpaper shows us a black colored mountain, whereas the other side is presented by orange and grayish colors. It’s time to go hiking to the mountains.

A remote island inhabited by birds and fish only. Nothing could be more interesting to find yourself laying on one of the beaches of this type. Put this wallpaper on your desktop and never miss a chance to visit this place as soon as possible.

Sunset on a beach. The palm trees are already getting for the night. The sky depicted in this wallpaper is so magnificent and colorful.

Vogue. The sea waters in the background is so vivid and bright. The foam created by the waves make this wallpaper way better and colorful.

A no feelings picture. The clouds displayed in the wallpaper give a certain feeling of breath-taking. As if you could spend hours watching them and would never get tired.

A rush hour. The road filled with a bunch of cars driving on the sides. The palms illustrated in the wallpaper adorn the image by their beauty and gorgeousness.

Little pieces of hope. The foamy sea displayed in the wallpaper is so vivid that it really gives a hope to everyone. When you feel like giving up just have a look at this amazing wallpaper.

This wallpaper says “I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sickah”. These words truly have a certain meaning. Never get disappointed!

Adidas trademark. The background in this wallpaper has got some magical colors and seem to be attractive.

Fuck off image. What an amazing scenery is illustrated in this wallpaper. The pine trees covered in snow with the street lights along the path. When you feel alone and forgotten, just get to this place and get a relief.

Entertainment Park. The wallpaper illustrates us a Rollercoaster and an observing eye. The colors are black and white, thus making it mysterious and interesting.

What an amazing and colorful constellation depicted in this wallpaper. Nothing could be better in our life than watching the night clear sky.

Dark quiet night. It´s good time to walk alone in this night time and listen to your favorite songs. A time to think and stay out of the crowded places. This wallpaper surely gives us a hope for that.

Once you feel bored or down in mood, see this wallpaper to get inspired. Let the words carved in this image would make you smiling.

The water is our healer. It can cover any wounds, nature is not an exception. This wallpaper shows the water flowing all around the mountains and filling in any free spaces it find on its way.

No matter how dark the night is, there is always a light coming out from any place. This wallpaper shows us a dark black night with string of lights sparkling and illuminating the surrounding.

“Just let it be” wallpaper. When something dramatic comes into your life and you feel like nothing can be done to get the situation better on your end, just leave it as it is. Time will show.

What a romantic wallpaper is this. The dark night and you both walking along the road. A good chance to say “I love you”. Don't miss this opportunity.

This wallpaper depicts nothing but cuteness. This cat seems to be satisfied and happy. It has got a greyish fur that truly fits its mood. Come and pet it as soon as possible.

A city of London from the bird's eye view. The whole city in this wallpaper is at your hand. You can see its beauty. The most amazing here is the London eye. You should certainly visit this place any time soon.

This wallpaper depicts an American city located near the ocean. The palm leaves are dragged forwards and backwards by the blowing wind. The sky seems to be clear with a couple of pink colored clouds.

A rainbow-colored pineapple. The cone-shaped figures on this fruit make this wallpaper delightful and beautiful. Are you ready for a snack?

Don't touch my phone. You idiot. This wallpaper has got this phase with a black and furious-like background. The smoke line displayed in the picture seems to be coming out of hell.

What a perfect wallpaper showing us a planet with the astronauts exploring it all around. It seems as if the rings around the planet hold the men from falling down into a free open space.