Dutch teacher called Stefan Kasper (Stefan Kasper) got a unique opportunity to spend the night in the Rijksmuseum nearby one of the famous masterpieces of art: the Rembrandt's "Night Watch".

Amsterdam's famous Rijksmuseum welcomed its 10 million visitor, giving the winner a one-time prize to spend the night in the company of Rembrandt's “Night Watch”. He was given a fine dinner and a sleeping place right in the museum hall.

"I slept two meters (about 6.5 feet) from the Night Watch. It's just magic. I still can’t believe it! "- commented Stephen Kasper.

According to the teacher, during the night meeting this piece of art he did not notice a single guard in the museum, which was rather strange.

“I did not see any guards there. Either they hid somewhere or there are no guards at all," Casper added.

Stefan was happy, because he could not hesitate to walk around wearing his dressing gown and take selfies with different masterpieces. You can see these pictures in his Instagram. This Dutch teacher also publishes photos of his own works on the website.

It is worth saying that he is not a fan of Rembrandt, moreover, he was not particularly interested in classical art. He reports this in his recent interview. However, according to Kasper, the night spent at the museum "changed his view about art".

"I've discovered characters I've never seen before. They came to life in front of me. This is an experience that is forever imprinted in my memory,"he said.

Interesting! Rembrandt's canvas, entitled "Night Watch" (Nachtwacht) has a special significance for the Amsterdam Museum of the Rijksmuseum. The entire building of the museum was rebuilt specially for the placement of this work in 1906.

Another interesting fact: in 1975 this canvas was attacked by a vandal. The man pierced the canvas with a knife 12 times. The most interesting thing is that the criminal was a school teacher.