The French police is now trying to find owners of hundreds of works of art stolen by a thief, who has been robbing hotels, museums, shops and galleries throughout the country for 20 years.

The officers found the stolen work, going through the apartment of the 45-year-old alleged thief in Avignon, and stumbled upon the so called "Aladdin's cave."

"There were works of art stacked in piles everywhere," said François Toulouse, head of departmental security in the Vaucluse region. The police photographed more than 500 paintings, sculptures, valuable books and even vinyl records included in the sample, and placed them in an online catalog in the hope of finding the original owners of these works.

According to the suspect, he spent time cataloging his dishonest income, marking them with notes about the date and location of the burglary, and also indicating their estimated value. His illegal activities were mainly took place in the Vaucluse region, but, according to police, he also traveled to Paris and even to London.

"He was stoling purely for pleasure and never sold that stuff, but put them in his house," Capt. Toulouse told the media. "He wore a jacket and a hat and could easily cope with very heavy objects, such as a marble sculpture weighing 40 kg."

The criminal career of the alleged thief came to an end in early July, when he was seen at the reception in the hotel, where he stole two pictures a month earlier. The police also reported that the suspect was “friendly”, told them he was a kleptomaniac.

Five works found in the hall are listed in the database of the French agency, which tracks stolen art. More than 40 works were returned to people who proved their ownership of the works.

In the coming months, the suspect should be brought to trial for stealing two paintings in the hotel. A little later, a man will be judged for the rest of his deeds.