Pilar Abel, the Spanish astrologist who filed fatherhood claim in 2015, reporting to be the daughter of a legendary artist, will undergo an official DNA test on July 11.

Surrealist painter Salvador Dali is one of the most successful and famous artists of the XX century. The record price of Dali's works was reached 6 years ago at Sotheby's auction, when the painting "Portrait of Paul Eluard" was sold for $ 21.7 million.

The lawsuit has lasted almost two years. In March 2015, Pilar Abel, an astrologist from Girona, Cataluña made an appeal to the Spanish court as Dali's daughter with a demand to recognize her as the only heiress of the painter. Let us remind you that the childfree Dali bequeathed all his artistic heritage and property to the country. If Abel succeeds proving her relative relation to Dali, the woman will become the owner of an impressive heritage. It should be reminded that according to Spanish law the heiress will be entitled to a quarter of the property.

Recently it got reported that the Madrid court found it possible to exhume the remains of Dali from his grave in Figueras (Girona province). The artist died at the age of 85 in 1989; he was buried near the castle museum he established himself, which is the main tourist attraction of the region. Figeras is visited by about 1.3 million people annually.

As Abel says, her mother Antonia Martinez de Haro was a servant at Dali’s family and regularly visited the artist's villa in Cadaqués. The woman also claims that Dali had maintained contact with her mother for many years. Abel also said that her mother often told her that her father was no one but Salvador Dali. Antonia Martinez de Haro repeatedly told her daughter that she resembles Dali a lot, but no moustache included. The woman revealed that at the age of eight she learned that her father was a legendary artist the first time from her grandmother.

Interesting to know! The of the ashes of the artist will require considerable financial costs. However, if Abel's claim is confirmed, she is going to receive exactly 25% of Dali's property, which is approximately $336 or €300 million.