"You can get a memory of the most dramatic love story in the art world between Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar" ... That's how the London auction Sotheby's described the ring that the artist created for his Muses as a sign of reconciliation.

The ring developed by the famous Picasso depicts a portrait of Maar, made with ink and a colored pencil on paper. A small "picture" is set in a tiny metal frame and decorated with enamel colors. Dora Maar kept the ring until her death in 1997. Experts believe that this powerful piece of memoirs will bring about £ 300-500 thousand ($ 380-633 thousand).

In the mid-1930s, while walking along the Seine embankment, the artist quarreled with Maar. Picasso reproached his beloved for the fact that she exchanged his picture for a ruby ring. In the heat of quarrel the woman took it off her finger and threw it into the river. The artist was very upset that he offended Maar, so he created this thoughtful ring called Bague de forme ovale. Portrait de Dora Maar.

It is expected that the ring will become one of the most interesting lots of the new Sotheby's auction called "Actual Size". The organizers refused monumental masterpieces in favor of more modest ones, so that the size of all submitted works in full size can be placed on the page of the auction catalog.

According to Picasso, Maar and his previous muse, Marie-Thérèse Walter, literally fought for their feelings. The artist left Maar in 1943, meeting Françoise Gilot, who was 40 years younger than Picasso.

Interesting! The ring was made in the midst of Picasso's artistic skill when he was working on the cult canvas of Guernica, portraying the horrors of the Civil War in Spain.