That is the exact place where the fiercest rivalries in British art took place. It was here that the best artists of the country introduced their creations in direct competition with each other. The annual summer exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts (RA) was previously the greatest social party, where Reynolds and Gainsborough, Turner and Constable and many others fought for public attention and for highly coveted exhibition prizes.
Summer exhibitions are the longest series of famous disputes in the world dating back to 1768. In 2018 RA will celebrate its 250th anniversary, telling about many of these historical shows. Although there have been no official announcements yet, it is known that the show will be named as The Great Spectacle.
Along with The Great Spectacle, the 250th Summer Exhibition will be the largest of all, as it flows from the Academy's Main Galleries to the Sackler's wing. Visitors will use the track that is currently being built to get to the Burlington Gardens building, where the show will end in three rooms on the top floor.

That's not just a parade of masterpieces
One of the managers of the exhibition Mark Hallett describes "The Great Spectacle" as "a journey through the history of the summer exhibition and the history of British art." Hallett says that this will be "not just a parade of masterpieces, since every work of art has its own history."
"A magnificent spectacle" will begin in the Fine Rooms suite in front of the Burlington house, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The show will start with an introduction of Georgian portraits, as well as the works of Reynolds and Gainsborough. Then visitors will be allowed to get into the gallery of Weston where the paintings of the XIX century are placed. The final room will cover the period from the 1997 Sensation exhibition, which will demonstrate the works by young British artists. This will include the works of RB B. Cetaj, David Hockney, Michael Craig-Martin and Inka Shonibara. There has been ten rooms created, each will cover approximately a 25-year period.
Interesting! The exhibition of 2016 attracted 229 thousand people, which is an excellent number of people for a two-month show. Organizers expect that next year (with the anniversary) the exhibition will bring more people to it.
Meanwhile, this year's exhibition will be held until August 20. Currently, the exhibition displays 1200 works, from traditional to ultramodern styles.