Phone Wallpapers

The Superman badge. This certainly reminds of a good old hero and a blockbuster movie. The badge is displayed in the starry dark sky background.

Nice crystal figures shining and illuminating all around. The wallpaper depicts wonderful and gorgeous color combinations.

Light spots are perfectly displayed in this wallpaper. The circles remind of some good moments in life.

What an amazing sunset scenery. The landscape is rich by the colors. The green color shades make this wallpaper mysterious and fascinating.

The blue sky like lies over the red colored lake and a yellowish and burning hills. The white lines shown in this wallpaper make this wallpaper even more special.

Have you ever seen such magic? It’s hard to believe that this could be done only by turning all the colors of the streetlights at the same time. Marvelous wallpaper.

This wallpaper gets us captivated. The bunch of smoke piped out of the train flash off is just amazing. The dark colors perfectly merges into the grayish smoke.

Multi-colored beams coming out from the side. The more they approach towards us, the bigger they get. The wallpaper will fit anyone’s taste.

The colorful magical sky. The color patterns are jumping to different sides and merge into each other. This wallpaper creates a marvelous view.

When you love a person with all your heart, you don’t care about other less important stuff. But be careful, you may get a revenge.

Night time San Francisco. The beautiful colors of the sky and land make this wallpaper extremely interesting and mysterious.

Four different warriors, four stories, but one victory. This wallpaper shows us the way people are fighting for freedom. Amazing colors and backgrounds.

A crying bear. This wild beast is so powerful and angry. You’d better not touch him. The wallpaper depicts the bear in black color with white dots.

The megapolis city from the birds eye view. All is shining around as if darkness is uncommon to this place. The multi-storeyed buildings and skyscrapers almost reach the sky.

So many stars, so many planets. The stars are a good decoration for this dark blue sky.

This wallpaper shows us the green colored river with the white sky on the top of the image. The rocks are constantly washed up by the wavy waters.

An electronic scheme. No one could ever think that such a plate would be so beautiful. This wallpaper is rich in details and colors. However, green is the dominant one.

The lion watches up the sky. It’s face is shining from the colors driven down. By this reflection we can imagine how beautiful is the scenery up in the sky.

The city located at the ocean area. The color of the sky is extra special. It illuminates the whole megapolis around in this wallpaper.

What a magical scenery displayed in this wallpaper. The fish meets cat sitting on glass-likd surface above the city. The interesting details are the clocks on the cat’s tail and on the fishe’s body.

The fascinating triangular figures colored in different colors in this wallpaper. The ones that dominate are purple and dark blue.

The constellation on two colored sky. The upper sky is illustrated in dark colors, the bottom is in brighter colors. The stars are shining so much that they make land beautiful the same as at a daytime.

This wallpaper shows us the rock trying to reach the shining stars up in the sky. Come and see this scenery. Be a part of it.

Haven’t you seen a colored lion before? I bet you haven’t. The one important point to be mentioned here is the color of the eyes. This wallpaper illustrates them in blue and green.

The fish scales. This wallpaper shows them so close that you can see all the details. They are so bright and shiny.

The mountain chain colored in varied shades. The landscape is so vivid and magnificent. Don’t lose your chance to find this place on Earth some time.

Underwater. We mostly see into the water from the top. How about to observe the surface from the inside water. This wallpaper shows us the bright and burning colors caused by the sun beams.

Dark and mysterious woods. This wallpaper illustrates all the beauty of the landscape and nature created by the one in the Heaven.

The blue sky that hardly breaks through the fluffy pink flowers. Who is gonna be the winner? This wallpaper brings the challenge to the stage.

Chill out. We are so busy working nowadays. This wallpaper wants change your plans. Take a stop and chill out from your daily routine.