American rock musician called Alice Cooper accidentally found a forgotten painting of the famous artist Andy Warhol in his pantry that has been laying among the tour equipment for more than 40 years.

According to Cooper, he simply forgot about Warhol's painting called Small Electric Chairs. The artist sold it to a rock musician in the 1970s.

"It was an era of rock and roll, then no one thought about anything," comments Shap Gordon, who used to be Cooper's agent.

It is worth noting that the second version of this work made by Warhol was sold at the New York auction Kristis for $ 10.5 million in 2014.

By the way, the found work was part of the artist's series entitled "Death and despair"; it was found rolled up in a small tube together with the requisites for performances of the 1970s. It was in those years that Warhol and Cooper met each other.

"It was a whirlpool of booze and drugs," says Shap Gordon.

According to the agent, the musician moved to New York with his girlfriend Cindy Lang, and there he met Warhol at the Studio 54 nightclub.

Lang decided to make a surprise on Cooper's birthday and bought this painting for $ 2,5 thousand.

"Alice Said that he remembers the conversation with Warhol about the canvas. I believe he is telling the truth, it was really so, but I can not swear this on the Bible” - Gordon comments in his conversation with reporters.

However, it was not Cooper who told the location of the painting, but his mother.

"We talked to Alice's mother, who suggested that the work might still be in stock," Gordon said, adding that it took them almost six months to find the work of art.

The expert on creativity of Warhol Richard Polski has already confirmed the authenticity of the work.

"You would love to see Cooper's face when he received a letter of authenticity from Richard Polski. His was really shocked and asked me: "Come on! And it belongs to me?! ", says the musician's agent.