The long-lost painting drawn by Jackson Pollock was found in a garage in Arizona. It is expected that this work of the famous artist will be priced at about $ 10-15 million at the auction, which will be held at the end of this month.

The artwork expert Josh Levin spent 18 months studying the picture, and only yesterday he told the Arizona Republic:
"I'm brave enough to call it the work of Jackson Pollock and I'm ready to put my reputation on the line."

Levin spent almost $ 50 thousand to prove the authenticity of the canvas. This amount was needed to pay for forensic analysis, as well as the services of a private detective. The painting was found along with other works of abstract artists in the mid-20th century. It should be noted that there was also the work of Kenneth Noland found among other works, which was already sold for $ 110 thousand.

These works of art went to the current owner, who decided to remain anonymous, from his sister, Jennifer Gordon. By the way, Gordon was an art collector and friend of Peggy Guggenheim.

Along with a private detective Levin examined Guggenheim's letters, interviewed sources close to Greenberg, and also explored Gordon's life to determine how Pollock's masterpiece appeared in Sun City. Meanwhile, the forensic expert Peter Paul Biro determined that the picture did not contain materials that would be anachronistic for Pollock's practice.

"In fact, the judicial report simply confirmed what I already considered to be true," Levin said.

"I spent hundreds of hours studying how this artist's work could be here in Arizona, and I'm sure it's the original Pollock."

The authorities of Arizona decided to conduct their own investigation. They addressed to an Australian artist and Gordon's friend Barbara Mackay, who said: "I knew that Jennifer had Pollock's job. I'm sure this is an original picture."

It is worth noting that the picture was unsigned, and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation refused to confirm its authenticity.

Pollock's work, registered on Levine's website as a "Untitled" gouache was discovered when Sun City's homeowner hired an appraiser to study the Lakers' memorabilia of the 1990s, signed by Lebras James.

"This work just stood at the wall, and we all thought:" It would be very funny if it was a picture of Jackson Pollock, "Levin told the local radio station. The auction, at which this work will be exhibited, is scheduled for June 20.