Christie's (London) has been in a rather difficult situation for a long time, and a lot of employees were ready to leave their jobs. But the auction house decided to regain its former positions. They have made an announcement that their sales grew by 29% in the first six months of 2017 with a total revenue of £ 2.2 billion.

Such a result was achieved due to the sale of several masterpieces, among which you can see the picture of Max Beckman "Bird hell." This work was sold for £ 36 million. It should be mentioned that about 38 works were sold for a price of £ 10 million or more within 6 first months, which is almost 3 times more than in the previous year.

The overall growth in sales of public auctions was provided by America, with 58% revenue in pounds (to £ 1.15 billion) or 39% in US dollars. The auction house attributed its success of 90 percent increase in purchases thanks to Asian art sold in New York in March.

These reports often broadcast the number of "new customers". Christie's notes that 25% of buyers were new to the house. According to the report, these customers are not afraid to open spend huge money: they spent 42% more money than new customers in 2016. They were most interested in Impressionism and contemporary art styles, Luxury items (jewelry, watches, wine and handbags), as well as Decorative art.

"We do hope to have the same successful second half of the year and are preparing to sell the Rockefeller's collection in the spring of 2018," comments Christie's Executive Director Guillaume Cherutti.

Ironically, the report acknowledges that South Kensington's sales department, which deals with low-value lots, which will soon be closed, is an important component of the business. So, according to statistics, 62% of buyers (starting from 2014) made purchases at that gallery.