He had a career in real estate industry, reality shows, politics, and not he is busy in art industry. A picture on the Manhattan skyline painted by President Donald Trump was auctioned for $ 29,184 on Thursday evening.

According to Nate D. Sanders, the piece of art was created by the president for charity auctions promoting world literacy in 2005, and was sent to the auction house as the winner of the initial charity event. This auction also featured the work of compatriot John McCain and former Democratic senator Joseph Lieberman, as well as actors Charlize Theron and Benicio Del Toro.

The sketch is drawn on a large envelope, and there are only two other known versions of this drawing, according to Michael Kirk. Thus, they "are similar in horizon, but with small variations," which makes "drawing" an extremely rare example of presidential memorabilia. On Thursday evening, there were 11 applications for the purchase of this lot, and the initial price of the work varied between $ 8-9 thousand.

"This is a work of art from the US president, so it is interested not only to Trump’s followers , but also to collectors of the memorabilia collection," Kirk commented in the news. "The world press noticed this moment, so the level of interest became even higher."

Note that earlier Trump was criticized for his policy in art after the threat of destruction of the National Arts Foundation. Probably, this will not happen next year, because last week the Appropriations Committee approved a bill that will allocate $ 145 million to the fund until 2018.