The Museum of Modern Art of Turin at the Castle of Rivoli will receive the legendary collection of works of art by Francesco Federico Cherruti. The director of the museum, Karolin Khristov-Bakardzhieva, will officially report this at a press conference a little bit later.

The famous collection counts about 300 masterpieces of the Middle Ages until the XX century, conserved by a mysterious Italian collector. Here you can see the unique works of Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso, Vasily Kandinsky and Amedeo Modigliani, as well as Pontormo, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, René Magritte, Andy Warhol and Giulio Paolini.

In order to save the works after his death, Cherruti created the foundation, where he left his valuable collection. Note that the approximate collection cost is about €500 million ($570 million).

Since the 1950s, Cherruti has been expanding his private collection in every possible way, creating a villa where these masterpieces could be placed. The mansion was a secret, and its existence was known only to the housekeeper, who worked there on Sundays.

Cherruti sent many works to museums during his life on an anonymous basis. In fact, the full collection was not disclosed until his death in 2015.

Villa Cherruti will be functioning as a part of the castle of Rivoli, and since its area takes only about 1000 square meters, it cannot accommodate a very large audience. It is expected that the villa will be open to public in January 2019 when guided tours will be conducted.

Khristov-Bakardzhieva also plans to invite writers, artists and filmmakers to participate in setting the collection. The museum director hopes that the collection will become a resource for their own creativity.