Background Images

A flowery beauty. The purple and pink colored flower depicted in this wallpaper is all powerful and amazing. The ribbons and bubbles that embrace the flower act as if to protect the flower from this dark and nasty surrounding.

In this background wallpaper colored in light blue we can observe white ring-like circles. Just another random background to be placed on your display. It’s good for your eye sight since it is not flashy.

This dark and mysterious forest cannot but make you think of some enigma. The tree in the middle of the background wallpaper with white flowers remind us of a cotton tree. It perfectly merges into the dark green and foggy forest in the back part.

A light green background wallpaper. Perfectly goes to the those who prefer a blank background that does not disturb from work and other activities performed on a PC.

This background wallpaper illustrates hexahedrons with main colors of dark blue and orange. A common wallpaper just to make it easy and not clumsy. The eyes feel at ease when watching the image.

A pink and red colored background wallpaper with different geometrical figures. The figures vary in color and shape, as well as the size. This background will never get you bored and tired.

A simple three-shade background wallpaper. The top is covered in blue, while the bottom goes with light blue. The central part remains uncolored.

What an amazing wallpaper that illustrates a lined wave colored in blue color of different shades. The central and top parts remain white. Just as if it were a free space to fill in. Of course, this can be piled with your desktop icons. They will transform the wallpaper to your taste.

This wallpaper can be used in any presentation that requires a bright and strict background. The orange diamond-like formations will fit with the text or icons of any dark colors.

The sunshine. If you are seated and busy working with your computer, and the weather outside does not feel like getting any better and it’s raining cats and dogs, just put this background wallpaper that will make your day brighter.

The background image depicted here will fit those people who prefer different geometrical shapes than the colorful and multi-detailed images. These filled and framed squares will inspire you to a good working time.

Want to make your presentation colorful and attractive? This black blue background wallpaper will help you out. The outlines seem to be darker so that your text would be clearly seen in the center.

50+ shades of blue color. This background wallpaper reminds of a blue shiny and quiet sea. The dark colors in the bottom are showing all the darkness that can be found in the sea depth.

A standard variant for your presentation. The yellowish colors and in the background and a blue colored pen is all you need for putting the letters on this wallpaper.

What an amazing background wallpaper. The girl with a long curly hair perfectly sits on the orange lined background. Grab it for your future presentation or as desktop image.

A fast snapshot. The rainbow colors in this background wallpaper are displayed in motion. A perfect way to adorn and make your presentation brighter and more colorful.

This wallpaper takes a special place among other background wallpaper in this selection. The orange wallpaper with a two long lines: the red one reminds of blood from a war, the blue line represents peace.

Eagle is on fire. No matter where it appears it burns everything on it way. This wallpaper perfectly fits a presentation on any topic with regarding firefighting and security.

A light blue background wallpaper. It reminds of an old antique building that survived a war since you can see these 3 dark blots as if those were three holes.

Another common background wallpaper specifically designed for presentations. The colorful frame will make you text on a white canvas brighter and more attractive.

This background wallpaper totally embodies day and night. The left side represents a bright and clear day, whereas the other side is fully incorporates the starry night with all the planets traveling in the free cosmic space.

A simple background wallpaper. The blue and white colors are the dominant in this image. The bottom side is used for pasting text for your future presentation.

What an amazing background wallpaper. The frame is made out of water colors with a large variety of shades in it. The central part is used for text that will be clearly seen and observed when you get your presentation ready.

The flower depicted in this background wallpaper in the right bottom corner makes this image pretty and beautiful. Don’t forget to use it when it comes to creating a new presentation on your needs.

Another background wallpaper with a nature and landscape displayed in it. The birds flying in the sky, the trees breathing and absorbing fresh air and the grass moving back and forwards. A nice choice for presentation.

This background wallpaper has got a technology design. It perfectly fits the presentations used in your studies, mainly in industrial and technological spheres.

Another background wallpaper with a technology design in it. All these schemes and lines will help your topic based presentation more memorable and interesting.

There is a true mystery and fairy hidden in this simple background wallpaper. The butterflies jumping in the sun beams as if were from a fairy tale. The table shown in the bottom is a good spot for your text to be placed in.

That is a true miracle. The sky gives us a feeling that we live in a some kind of a paradise. And it is indeed so. The nature is full of wonders. Just look into those colorful shapes and figures.