Modern artists use a large variety of materials for their works, because the more unique it is, the more interesting the work. Wood has been always in high demand both in ancient times and today. Todat we want to tell you about the most interesting sculptures carvedout from solid trees. These works make you feel heart-taking with their size and skill of execution.

1. Wooden sculpture that becaomes a part of the Guinness Book of Records because of its size
The uniqueness of this work is that it was cut from the solid trunk of a giant mahogany. The author of the sculpture is the Chinese artist Dengding Rui Yao. The man worked on this work of artwith his twenty assistants for three years. According to the sculptor, all operations were carried out manually. Originally, the sculpture was located in Myanmar, and then it was moved to Chinese Wuhan to "permanent residence". The dimensions of this work really are truly amazing: it is 14.5 m long, 4 m wide and 5 m high. If the information about its size is confirmed, then the work will be included into the Guinness Book of Records and become the largest wooden sculpture in the world.

2. The longest wooden sculpture in the world
Chinese sculptor named Zheng Chunhu is a true master of wood carving. In the year 2013 he presented the world a unique sculpture that was included in the Guinness Book of Records because of the tree trunk, which is about 12 m long.

There are hand-carved buildings, trees, mountains, boats, rivers, clouds, bridges including 550 people that can be observed in the realistic tree. Chunhu himself admitted that it took him about four years to complete this work. It is worth noting that the master put a lot of efforts into it, because the sculpture is incredibly thought out to the smallest detail and has got excellent details.

3. Library stairs in the "Lednice" castle
Lednice castle and its extensive garden have gained great popularity among tourists and considered one of the most visited places in the Czech Republic. Lednice is beautiful not only externally, but also with its interior. There are historical wooden furniture, original ceiling panels and, of course, a stunning 360-degree spiral staircase put in the library. The wooden staircase is made without the use of iron nails, although this is hard to believe. This openwork masterpiece has 38 steps. It was built thanks to three masters who worked it out for five years. It seems woven from a very delicate lace on the outer side.

4. 19-meter canoe
One of the most interesting exhibits in the New York Museum of Natural History is a giant 19-meter canoe. Note that it was created from a single cedar trunk in the 1870s. The work has design elements of various Indian peoples of the north-west coast.

Scientists believe that the big killer whales, which are depicted on both sides of the boat's bow were painted by Charles Edenshaw (1839-1924). He was one of the most influential artists in those days. Unknown stole a mosaic of a street artist and put it on a sale The robbery of mosaic works made by the French street artist Invader caused a public outcry. The Paris mayor's office decided to sue the attackers who stole the work. According to media reports, more than a dozen paintings have been stolen from the city walls in the past 10 days painted by the artist. Note that all the author's works are created in the pixel graphics style. Locals published photos of one of the thefts in social networks. They see a man standing on the stairs and removing the tiles while his accomplice was waiting downstairs. According to witnesses, men in yellow jackets claimed that they were hired by the city of Paris. Eyewitnesses have told, that unknown individuals jumped into "Mercedes" taking the dismantled mosaic. However, local authorities claim that they did not hire anyone to dismantle the works.

"The photographs show that they are dressed in ordinary yellow jackets, that can be found anywhere, while the council staff wear a green uniform. And no, the city of Paris does not provide its employees with a Mercedes," comments the mayor.

Basically, the "anonymous artist" portrayed "aliens" from the Space Invaders game (Taito Corporation, 1978), creating them in the form of a mosaic using different bright ceramic tiles. Many believe that the unknown are probably taking down the artist's mosaic for resale. Recently, Invader told his fans that "the kidnappers have spoiled the works that he has been creating several summer seasons"

"Sometimes I can not even close my eyes, thinking that maybe my works are now being destroyed," he commented.

The artist believes that hundreds of his works have been now taken down from the walls.

"I believe that of the 10 mosaics that the thieves tried to dismantle, nine could be simply crashed into pieces," says Invader. The street artist admitted that he uses the most powerful types of glue in combination with a fragile and thin ceramic tile, which he orders specifically for his works. However, Invader doubts that his work is being stolen for sale, but there is evidence that the attackers offered to buy it right on the street.

It should be noted that the works of the street artist are growing in price in the recent years. One of his works was sold for € 251 thousand in the year 2016.